Friday, February 20, 2015

Unity Woes

I found what was causing the black screen issue on some models, surprisingly anti-aliasing.  I have no idea why, but turning it off solved the issue.  I will be releasing a patched version tomorrow, hopefully with more content also.

Some bad news regarding Stratovarius' Miku Video 3, I had Unity crash on me when I began to work on it and it deleted the scene file! :(  I even ran some recovery tools, but I had it saved on an SSD so no surprise it wasn't able to recover anything.
Now I have to completely remake it all from scratch instead of starting off from what I had from video 2.  I'm not sure yet if I will make it or not, or maybe make it without the semen, it was by far the most difficult part to setup (but also was the best part!).

I setup a scheduled task to make a backup of my entire Unity project folder onto my NAS each night.  And to keep a week of daily scene file backups.  This will not happen again!

I really want to move to Unity 5 so I can use the 64bit editor.  My crashes keep coming from importing models and exceeding ram usage for 32bit applications.  I don't know if my work process will work though in Unity 5 and I don't want to fork out that serious cash just to find out it doesn't work.  Even for the $75/month subscription, you need to pay for a minimum of 12 months.

Protip for MMD Unity Devs:  To avoid memory crashes when importing new models, open a new empty scene first, this can drop Unity's memory footprint by up to a gig!

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