Friday, March 13, 2015

Waifu Simulator v.3

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Download (fixed link)

Now with realtime physics, 3D audio, a new animation, and 2 new models.

In order to keep the game small, manageable, and evolving, I think I'll start votes here on my blog for model and animation eliminations.  You vote for who you want to get the cut, then when I add a new model the one with most votes will be removed.  Some models I may not put up on the vote though, like any custom commissions I may want to keep in there.  I may have to remove a model to add another animation also, due to memory constraints.  At least until I transition to Unity 5.

Reddit Post


  1. You can add this model?

  2. Could you add this model?

  3. same model

  4. Hi, I enjoyed previous versions. It appears the link is broken, could you post it to a new one?

  5. Hi, can you fix the link ?, its appears to broken again

    thanks xD

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