Sunday, June 26, 2016

Honey Select - Prepatched VR Torrent

Here is a patched and modded, ready to go torrent of the Honey Select Trial.  This is a free demo, no piracy involved by downloading this torrent.

Mega (Direct Download)

VR Patch
Female Uncensor Patch
English UI Patch

Also contains many user created girls from 4chan.

Some other caveats:
I have the IPD turned down to 95% in vr_settings.xml, you might want to put it back to 1.
I have the male turned invisible in the game options, you can enable him if you wish.

UPDATE:  Here are some options you might want to use.
Enable/disable rendering the background (can give more fps)
Enable/disable rendering the man
Enable/disable the meter (turn this on!!!)

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